Aug 20, 2016

August's Nail Challenge - Metallic Nails

Hello, nail art lovers!

As I've mentioned in my previous post,one of my nails broke so I had to file down all of them. Since the ones on the left hand are suuuper tiny, you'll probably be seeing more of my right hand for the next few weeks.

This week's theme is "metallic nails", something I really like. I chose to interpret it the regular way, by choosing a metallic nail polish, and the fun way, by decorating the manicure with silver chains. Metal, eh? 

Aug 14, 2016

August's Nail Challenge - Gradient/Ombre

Hello, nail art lovers!

Another week, another post in the lovely challenge we have ongoing! This time we had to choose between a gradient and an Ombre. The main difference between these two is that the gradient is a succession of colors on one nail, going from dark to light, or the other way around and the Ombre consists of applying different nail polishes from the same color specter onto each nail, going one tone lighter or darker as you move onto the other nail.

I chose to go with a gradient, because I love this technique - not obvious enough so far, eh?

Aug 6, 2016

August's Nail Challenge - Monochrome

Hello, nail art lovers!

This week we're taking you down memory lane, back to the times when all pictures were black and white. That being said, you'll be able to see multiple b&w nails and enjoy the beauty of simplicity. Don't worry, it's just a challenge we're taking up, next week you'll see an explosion of colors, again.

Jul 30, 2016

July's Nail Challenge - Swatch

Hello, fellow polish addicts!

Today you will see something I don't do very often: a swatch! *giggles*
The nail polish I chose is Avon Cosmic Effect - Eclipse and I noticed it's a pretty popular holographic polish among bloggers.

There isn't much to say about this, since I just added two coats of nail polish on my nails and took some pictures, however, I decided to test other of the nail polish's qualities, so read the whole thing to find out more!

Jul 23, 2016

July's Nails Challenge - Favorite Pattern

Hello, nail art lovers!

Are you ready for some abstract nail art? Since last week's manicure turned out the way it did, I decided to try some freehand nail art for this theme, to make up for that disaster. The theme helped a lot since I like challenges, and painting a pattern that won't look exactly the same way on each nail but also stay true to the initial idea was an actual challenge.

Here's what I came up with: