Oct 22, 2016

October's Nails Challenge - Glow in the dark

Hello, nail art lovers!
Another one of my favorite themes this month is here: Glow in the dark! 
You've probably seen some of my manicures that had glow in the dark elements, before, but this time I actually managed to take some clear pictures in the dark, as well. ^_^

Oct 18, 2016

October's Nail Challenge - Blood Splatter

Hello, nail art lovers!

My post was super late this week because I completely forgot to take my camera home with me. Anyway, the theme was "Blood splatter", a theme that allowed me to get very creative and come up with a background story for my nails.

Oct 8, 2016

October's Nail Challenge - Duo-chrome

Hello, nail art lovers!

Are you ready to see another nail fail? *giggles* For this week's challenge, we had to use a duo-chrome nail polish. As I only own one, Oriflame The One - Gold Nacre, I had to use it on my nails.

Oct 1, 2016

October's Nail Challenge - Something Black

Hello, nail art lovers! ^_^

This week's theme, the first from October's challenge, made me very happy. As you probably noticed, I love black nails and most of my manicures are either black or have a black element in them. This non-color is my favorite to wear and to surround myself with.

Sep 26, 2016

September's Nail Challenge - Studded

Hello, nail art lovers!

This theme was one of my favorites so far, and probably my favorite for September: studs/studded. I don't have many types of studs, but I sure like creating manicures with the ones I've got.

This time I went for a red/black/silver combo with Gothic accents. Here it is: